17 May 2010   3 Comments

Last night, Jayma, along with some “Glee” co-stars and her co-star from “The Smurfs”,  Sofia Vergara, were on hand for the New York Upfronts Party Presented By Entertainement Weekly and 20th Century Fox. Jayma looked awesome! 6 LQ and 1 MQ 7 HQ have been added to the gallery, but we’ll have HQ shortly. Thanks!

13 May 2010   No Comments

I went ahead and transferred the captures from Jayma’s guest appearance on the short lived drama “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” from back in 2006 to the gallery and since the scenes are so small, I uploaded it out of order. Enjoy!

Just a small request as well, I’ve seen these clips posted already with someone removing the watermark from the embed code. Please do NOT do this as it takes time to clip and upload these for you. I welcome embedding elsewhere, but leave the watermark on the video. Thanks!

13 May 2010   No Comments

I’ve added the clips for today of two more episodes from “Glee”, Episode 1.05 – The Rhodes Not Taken and Episode 1.06 – Vitamin D to the Video Vault. More “Glee” clips and  “Pushing Daisies” clips are up next.

12 May 2010   No Comments

I’ve also transferred captures from Jayma’s guest appearance on the short lived comedy “Back to You”, where she played Shelley. As a treat, I went ahead and uploaded the clip of her very short scene to the Video Vault.

12 May 2010   1 Comment

I’ve added the clips for today of two more episodes from “Glee”, Episode 1.03 – Acafellas and Episode 1.04 – Preggers to the Video Vault. More “Glee” clips and the “Back to You” clip is coming up, followed by “Pushing Daisies” clips.

12 May 2010   No Comments

As part of the merge with Jayma Source, I have transferred DVD captures from the episodes of “Glee” we were missing into the gallery. Captures for episodes Episode 1.06 : Vitamin D, Episode 1.08 : Mash-Up, Episode 1.10 : Ballad, Episode 1.11 : Hairography, Episode 1.12 : Mattress, and Episode 1.13 : Sectionals were added.

12 May 2010   No Comments

If an animated princess and squirrel can land on the streets of New York in Enchanted, why can’t little blue guys with white hats and pants?

In the upcoming live-action/CG version of The Smurfs, the famous cartoon characters – along with Smurfette – find themselves in the big city after being pursued by Gargamel (Hank Azaria).

Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays will play human characters in the 3D-film while Katy Perry (Smurfette), George Lopez (Grouchy Smurf), Alan Cumming (Gutsy Smurf), Fred Armisen (Brainy Smurf) and Jonathan Winters (Papa Smurf) will handle just a small portion of the Smurf voicing duties.

The Sony production will open on August 3, 2011.


11 May 2010   1 Comment

Between comments and emails, streaming won out against downloadable clips, so I have started adding the clips of just Jayma’s scenes to the Video Vault. I’m going to try and add 2 episodes per day to get us caught up. The clips are split into around 3:00 minutes a piece so the file size is easier to load for both you and I. After I get ‘Glee’ caught up, what TV clips would you like to see next? I was thinking of starting with ‘Back to You’ and working my way back, but I’m always willing to hear what you would like to see on Jayma Mays Online!

4 May 2010   1 Comment

Jayma was snapped on the set of “The Smurfs” on May 02, 2010 looking cute in a red and white striped tank and sweater. 11 large quality images were added to the gallery so go have a look!

2 May 2010   No Comments

Jayma’s first images from the new live action “Smurfs” movie have surfaced. Jayma and Neil Patrick Harris were snapped filming scenes in NY on April 28, 2010. Adam was also spotted on set, along with Jayma’s faux-baby bump.  10 HQ and 4 MQ were added to the gallery. Hopefully we will get to see more on set pictures.