16 September 2009
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Masi, in the conference call you were talking about the character of Charlie from Season 1, and it’s now being revealed that she’s going to be appearing this season. Are you looking forward to working with that actress again?

Masi Oka: Jayma Mays was absolutely fantastic. We just finished yesterday shooting that episode, and it brought me memories and it was absolutely fantastic working with her. Lots of laughter, lots of crying, it was sweet, it was heartbreaking, it was everything that I loved about that storyline all bundled into one.

Episode 8 is a really heavy Hiro/Charlie storyline. It was an absolute pleasure and an honor to be working with Jayma Mays again. And I know Episode 9 is going to be a very heavy Claire episode, too. So we’ve got some great episodes coming up.

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