Role: Charlie Andrews
Appearance Type: Recurring
Network: NBC
Tagline: Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.
Premiere Date: September 25, 2006 – (US)
Availability: Available on DVD (US)
Genre: Sci-Fi

This Emmy nominee for Best Drama follows a global group of everyday people who, in the midst of their perfectly normal lives, awake to discover they have special powers — from stopping time to reading people’s thoughts. The newly minted superheroes eventually join forces to defeat their mutual foe, who plots to steal their super-DNA and destroy the world.

Jayma plays Charlie, a waitress at the Burnt Toast diner in Texas where the big homecoming showdown takes place. Hiro and Ando begin talking to her and Hiro especially is impressed with how quickly she can learn and speak Japanese. It seems that Charlie’s power is being able to remember anything she reads. Sylar kills her at the end of her first episode which prompts Hiro to go back in time in order to save her. He goes back a little farther than intended but stays to try and convince her to leave town before the fateful day in October. During this time, they fall in love.

• Season 1, Episode 8 – ‘Seven Minutes to Midnight’
• Season 1, Episode 9 – ‘Homecoming’
• Season 1, Episode 10 – ‘Six Months Ago’
• Season 4, Episode 8 – ‘Once Upon a Time in Texas’

Milo Ventimiglia
Hayden Panettiere
Ali Larter

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• Jayma’s Glee co-stars Jessalyn Gilsig and Dianna Agron have also had recurring roles on Heroes.

• The rotating earth featured in the series logo shows a bright spot just off the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. That is the site of an asteroid impact widely believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, which opened the way for the rise of mammals, thus the spot could be a subtle reference to the show’s theme of a new evolutionary leap.

• Hiro proclaims that Charlie is “The Marle to my Crono!” This is a reference to the cult classic SNES video game Korono torigâ.

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• “Yeah, lately I sorta remember everything I read. It’s kind of a skill, I guess.”

• “I like the way your cheeks wobble when you concentrate.”

• [in Japanese] “You’re sweet.”

• “Before you got here I decided to give up. But you have made me feel more alive and more full of joy than I could ever have imagined. Hiro… aishiteru yo.”

• [in Japanese] “I want our happy ending too. I love you.”

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