Role: Jennifer Billings
Appearance Type: Guest
Network: CBS
Tagline: The dead are talking…and she is listening.
Premiere Date: September 23, 2005 – (US)
Availability: Available on DVD (US)
Genre: Drama

Melinda Gordon — who longs to lead an ordinary existence — has grappled her whole life with an unexplained power to speak with the dearly departed. In the meantime, the ghostbuster-for-hire investigates a plethora of spectral scenarios, helping the dead move on to the other side.

Jayma plays Jennifer Billings, a woman who brings in a trunk of old family items to the shop that Melinda owns. Her parents died at when she was young and she doesn’t feel any connection to them, her family, or any of the items in the case. When a ghost begins to communicate with Melinda, she at first assumes it’s about her but finds out that it is Jennifer’s father wanting to watch over his daughter. Jayma has a decent amount of screen time and this is one of my favorite guest roles for her. She really gets an opportunity to show some of her acting ability in this.

• Season 3, Episode 1 – ‘The Underneath’

Jennifer Love Hewitt
• David Conrad
• Camryn Manheim

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• The stories are based in part on the work of spirit communicator Mary Ann Wintkowski.

• The show is filmed entirely on the Universal Studios back lot in Hollywood. The town square is the same one used in Back to the Future, but modified to represent the fictional town of Grandview (i.e. the famous clock tower has been removed/hidden).

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• “I don’t even know most of the people in those pictures.”

• “I don’t spend much time in the past. I work in one direction and that’s forward.”

• “I was an instant orphan – just add water and no parents.”

• “He said he thought it was haunted.”

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