Role: Shelley
Appearance Type: Guest
Network: FOX
Tagline: The news has hit the fan.
Premiere Date: September 19, 2007 – (US)
Availability: Available on DVD (US)
Genre: Comedy

After a public humiliation, successful TV newsman Chuck Darling returns to Pittsburgh, where he must team up once again with his former co-anchor Kelly Carr. Back in the 1990s, they shared plenty of on-screen chemistry … and off-screen animosity.

Jayma plays Shelley, a woman Ryan has been talking to online but has not yet seen. In order to “meet” for the first time, they set up a video conference. The role is quite small and Jayma only has a few lines. You also never get to see her other than through the computer monitor. She is quite adorable though in her nerd glasses!

• Season 1, Episode 15 – ‘Date Night’

• Kelsey Grammer
• Patricia Heaton
• Ty Burrell

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• “Yeah, I sold my car for it.”

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